About the tournament

About the tournament

I am pleased to inform that together with a group of friends, people who love sport and are devoted to it completely, we decided to create a professional tennis tournament for women.

When planning the tournament, we established it will be a recurrent event taking place for many years to come, with the first edition being held this year. Beginning with 17th June, we will host female players from around the world, including the best Poles of the young generation.

It will certainly be an unforgettable week full of sports excitement. We will also provide the fans with plenty of attractions to make our tennis feast even more interesting. During the week, in between the women's competition, there will be exhibition games, a business tournament, a national tournament for the youngest tennis players „Tenis 10”, a wonderful party for the invited guests and many more which I will leave as a surprise.

To all of you who would like to help us and join in creation of the tournament which is going to play a leading role among all of the sports events – I encourage you to work with us. To all of the sports fans – I suggest making your plans ahead so that we could all meet at Legia Warszawa courts and support the best players together.

Artur Bochenek
Prezes Zarządu Warsaw Sports Group

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